Artist Statement

My collection of art is about how my experiences made me feel in my travels through life, in particular my love affair with Paris.

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This attraction started at  the age of 10. In my small room I found myself connecting to the French Impressionist movement. Not only with the painters that had created these pieces but also the cultural & social life at that time in history. It all seemed so familiar & quite comfortable for me to reconnect with. There was a great excitement, joy, & recharge of energy to devote my future artistic life’s exploration.

I studied Fashion Design in Switzerland. I spent many years living in Paris, from the Latin Quarter to the Marais. The smells & natural light from Giverney to Paris filled me with artistic expression which had to be expressed on Canvas. This was my emotional expression resulting in my experiences in France.

I was extremely influenced by the scents & color collections from major French cosmetic lines where I spent over 35 years as a makeup Artist.

I was extremely influenced by the scents & color collections from

My inspiration is taken from Nature, the interplay of light & shadows on objects, & above all how they make me feel. For me, France has been a major contributor of inspiration. From Her I found great literature, Poetry, & the rich sensuous, esthetics of the Mahgreb.

Paris remains my seductress. She constantly filling me w/ curiosity, enchantment, & presenting new dimensions of color & sensibility.